In the year 1984, it was suggested by the office bearers of P.O.G.S. to encourage the junior members of P.O.G.S. to present the papers at the zonal and national conferences for better exchange of views. It was decided  to have short paper competition in “Gynaecology and Obstetric” topics and to award  the best  two candidates with medals in the names of

Dr. M.P. John Medal for best in Obst. The first recipients of  this award was Dr. Abha Rani Sinha.

Dr. S.N. Upadhyay Medal for best in Gynae. The first recipient was Dr. Swati Bhattacharya.

The eligibility of candidates for short paper competition is :

  1. To be member of P.O.G.S.
    2. Within 5 years of graduation.

Life Time  Achievement  Award

In  an  executive  meeting  held  on  5/3/04, all  the  members  unanimously  agreed  to  start  the  Life Time  Achievement  Award  to  be  given  on  the  International  Women’s  Day  —  8th  of  March.  Dr. kamala  Achari  was  the  first  recipient  of  Life Time  Achievement  Award  from  POGS.

Cash Awards

An additional benefit was given to the prize winners ( first in Obstetrics and first in Gynaecology) of short paper competition in form of a cash award of Rupees 1000/- to each candidate. In an executive meeting dated 4th December 1996 it was specified to give cash awards of Rs.1000/- in the names of The Late Dr. G.V.L.N. Murty,  father  of Dr. Pramila Modi and Dr. Sujata Samal for the best  paper in Obstetrics  and  The Late Srimati Chandravati Devi, mother of Dr. Shanti Roy and Dr. Anita Singh for best paper in Gynaecology respectively.

The  short  paper  competition  is  held before the conference and the winners (best in Gynae. and best in Obst.) are awarded with Medals, Certificates and a token cash of Rupees 1000/- each during the conference. The winners are given opportunity to present the papers during the annual conference.

New Awards

New awards were introduced from Nov 2002 during the 18th annual conference

  • Dr. Jagdishwari Mishra Award award for best paper from the miscellaneous group of presentation. The eligibility was to be a member of the society and any member delegates. Winner will be given a medal and certificate. Dr. Pragya Chowdhary was the first awardee in 2002.
  • Dr. Manju Geeta Mishra  Award for best paper on official theme subjects. The eligibility was to be a member of the society and after  5 years of graduation. The  Winner will be given  a medal and certificate. Dr. Nita Nath was the first awardee in 2002 .
  • Dr. Nirmala Saxena Award for best poster  on  official  theme subject . The eligibility was to be a  member of society and within 10 years of graduation. The  Winner will be given a medal and certificate. There  were  no  contestants  in the year 2002.